Bikes take over the web

You have surely seen one of our green bikes riding through the traffic-filled streets of Santiago, or in a park on the weekend. And you cannot only see our green machines: Santiago is turning into a two wheeled city and we love it. Whether bike paths, green areas or considerate motorists, all of this helps to become a bike-friendly city.
Luis Goycoolea U. published a great article in EL MERCURIO, where he presents websites where you can rent bikes, sign up for tours, get unique accessories, and even one that is dedicated to cycling culture. And of course we are mentioned!

La Bicicleta Verde
This great initiative lets tourists and locals explore the city and other regions on bikes alone and with a guide. The website is very well set up and clear, with the tours organized by route and length.  The menu offers “Tours”, “Rentals”, “Groups” (ideal for companies or families) “Blog” and “About Us”, where they explain the history of the company and a little about the founders.  Their objective is to make Santiago a more bike friendly city. And they are succeeding.”

This is one of the most well used sites for urban cycling. The contents include “Health and the bicycle”, “Women and the bicycle”, “Bicycle tourism”, and several other sections related to cycling. Easy to navigate, the site is a potpourri of content: agendas, videos, news, activism, regulations, social networks and even rentals.  The content requires more work. A big part of it is generated by the very same users. It is a good contribution, but needs some editing.”

Luis Leiva created this site that brings together thousands of followers. On facebook alone, his store has more than five thousand friends.  The attractive thing about the site is how many accessories it sells to customize bikes.  They have locks, lights, attire, parts, racks, clothes, even pet carriers.  The page is practical and well supplied. There’s something for all tastes, and quality brands.  You buy by mail, but can call and coordinate purchases as well.  A great contribution.”

Furious Tuesdays

If you are one of those who suffer through the critical mass that the Furiosos Ciclistas organize every month, well, you’re going to have to keep suffering. They don’t consider those who commute by bus to their houses after a day at work.  “It is the biggest critical mass in the world, and it already exists in 15 different cities in Chile.  They have asked us, begged us, and threatened us to change the ride to the weekend, but we maintain that weekends are for recovering from hangovers, not for riding bikes”, says Cesar Garrido.
In other countries, the ride happens on Fridays, and in Argentina on Sundays.  But here in Chile, they are not going to change the day, because essentially it is an urban demonstration and not a weekend ride through the park.  Currently, here in Santiago the rides attract between six and eight thousand people.  In Valparaiso there’s already 500 people going. “We are from Aysen to Arica, with manifestations happening at the same time”