Best Bars and Restaurants in Valparaiso Chile

A recent culinary revolution has taken the port of Valparaiso by storm. From high and fine dining to home style chilean cooking Valparaiso has great bars and restaurants for all tastes and budgets. Check out Valparaiso’s best eat and drink options sorted by categories (best bars, pizzas, seafood, chilean food…)


Our Top List of Recommended Restaurants.


La Joya – Sandwich shop and brewpub inspired by the culture and aesthetics of the old port @Eusebio Lillo 200

Wine Box – A unique place to enjoy your sundown beer in an arty and funky atmosphere @Baquedano 763

Espiritu Santo – Inspired by the fresh seafood, the seasonal products and the finest wines available in Coastal Chile, this location is perfect everyone willing to taste all the Chilean flavours @Hector Calvo, 392 

Bar Liberty – The oldest bar in Valparaíso, is the place where you need to try your first Terremoto in Chile! @Almirante Riveros 9

Dinamarca 399 – Hidden treasure up in the hills, great food, wine and view @Dinamarca 399


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