Barrio Providencia

Welcome to Santiago, strayed Amigo! Maybe you don’t have so much time here? It would be unfortunate if you spent most of your time in the WRONG Barrios. We give you a blog series of the lowdown of what to do in each Barrio (neighbourhood). Offering our local knowledge and giving our top recommendations so you know what to expect and where to go.



Before the big malls the wealthy Santiaguinos used to shop in the streets of this neighbourhood that stands as one of Santiago’s best quality of living area. This enchanting barrio is easily reachable by bike, surrounded by parks and the riverside of the Mapocho river where you can enjoy a relaxing picnic. It is slowly becoming a place for multinational corporations to showcase world class businesses. If you are looking for a place a bit more “gringo”, definitely head on over to Providencia to get a feel for your “home” away from home.

Have an eventful evening – At a great little square called Pasaje Orrego Luco. Filled with a selection of bars and clubs. You won’t have to dish out so much dollar because the pisco sours and beers and cheap and plentiful. Expect some local entertainment by street artists and musicians. Once you have had a few drinks in the fairy lit outside bar area head to one of the underground clubs, like Club Subterráneo. Depending on the night two step to electro or get funky to some hip hop.

Drugstore –  This commercial gallery was born in Santiago as an icon in the 1970’s. From this decade on, its conception was defined as a space for exclusivity and innovation. The Drugstore was born with the European concept of a commercial center that combines the most exclusive vibes of modernity with a retrospective 80’s twist. Here you will find excellent cafes and restaurants.It is effectively one of the most “hip” neighborhoods of Santiago; a necessary stage for the youth of Santiago that searched exclusivity and vanguardism. With the arrival of malls to Chile in the 1990’s, this place had to reinvent itself. Nowadays, there are tons of cafes, bookstores, and international and Chilean designer stores.

Parque de las Esculturas – crossing the Mapocho River towards the north is this beautiful park, an oasis hidden between two different highways. Beyond peace and tranquility, you will find tons of huge sculptures done by important Chilean artists.

Dos Caracoles and Portal Lyon – the first malls in Santiago where you could find tattoo shops, hairdressers – Dos Caracoles: inaugurated in the year 1978 Dos Caracoles was the second shopping center in Santiago that had a circular interior, inspired by the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Dos Caracoles and its 160 locations are amidst the process of modernization that hopes to become finalized in the next upcoming months.

Looking for a nice place to eat lunch? There is a nice boulevard full of different restaurants where you can find a wide variety of good international restaurants like Baco (one of the best wine lists in Santiago), Le Bistrot with great French food, Rivoli (if you’re looking for some 5-star rated Italian food) and a sandwichería La Superior (paradise between 2 slices of bread).