Barrio Patronato

Welcome to Santiago, strayed Amigo! Maybe you don’t have so much time here? It would be unfortunate if you spent most of your time in the WRONG Barrios. We give you a blog series of the lowdown of what to do in each Barrio (neighbourhood). Offering our local knowledge and giving our top recommendations so you know what to expect and where to go.



Patranato Santiago

Bounded by Avenida Recoleta from the west, Bellavista Street from the south, Loreto Street from the east, and Dominica street from the north, this neighborhood was turned into a commercial district with the arrival of Middle Eastern (Arab, Palestinian, Syrian, Lebanese) immigrants during late 19th century. In early 20th century there was a massive influx of Christian Palestinians and Lebanese immigrants fleeing the Ottoman Empire due to religious persecution, and later because of the economic situation and the outbreak of World War I. They were followed by Koreans, Chinese, Taiwanese, Peruvians, and people of other cultures. The neighborhood is known as a shopping area for affordable, trendy clothes, for its Chinese and Korean market,  and for its restaurants where you can enjoy a true “melting pot” of different cultural foods: Asian, Peruvian, Colombian and Arabic.


Head to Korean Restaurant Hansoban for a ‘do it yourself’ cooking and eating experience.


Chicken Story: this restaurant is dedicated in honor of a story about a chicken with various chapters. This restaurant specializes in fried chicken, but not the KFC style. Chicken Story focuses on serving fried chicken Korean style. So, what’s the difference? Korean fried chicken is fried and served with a spicy sauce, a bittersweet sauce, or a spicy sauce with melted cheese. The plates that are served are generally made to be shared.


Había Una Vez: an exotic Korean café/bakery with such a charming presentation of food you’d feel bad eating it! Once your mouth starts watering you will be able to taste the cafe breads filled with butter, castaño, or with sweet Korean porotos. They also have green tea, mango, or chocolate flavored cake, and rice cakes.


China House Market: An entertaining supermarket where you will truly feel away from the capital of Chile because they sell authentic products from Taiwan, China, Thailand, and Korea (even Asian dramas and series!) You will always leave this place with something new in your hands to try!


Rincón Arabesco: If you’re feeling bored with all of the Asian stuff, you can try this little restaurant called Rincón Arabesco. In this store they sell all kinds of Arabic wonders, and not only things to eat. There is also clothing and knick knacks.