Barrio Italia

Welcome to Santiago, strayed Amigo! Maybe you don’t have so much time here? It would be unfortunate if you spent most of your time in the WRONG Barrios. We give you a blog series of the lowdown of what to do in each Barrio (neighbourhood). Offering our local knowledge and giving our top recommendations so you know what to expect and where to go.




A far cry away from the ‘Little Italy’ in New York… AND WERE THANKFUL FOR IT. Keeping its authentic charm and modesty whilst still being a fully functioning haven for any visitor of Santiago. Forget all the cheesy signs (and pizza for that matter). Barrio Italia doesn’t sell itself as Mama Mia’s pizza or Mario’s Famous Spaghetti. Settled by Italian immigrants in the 19th century it is so much more than just food. It is like a free open air gallery that you can walk around and enjoy for days. Find boutique shops, crafts, art, hidden cafes and old gems. It’s important to note that much of this beautiful barrio closes down during the week. SO HEAD THERE ON THE WEEKEND to get the best out of it!


Shoe shop at – Blaskos. One of a kind animal print shoes are your thing? Or anything a little bit different, made with time and care you should check out this shoe shop. Wonderfully fashionable and well displayed shoes, even if it’s just a look in!


Find fine crafts at – El Emporio de Dominga. A beautifully put together handcraft store. Everything displayed in a way where even if you can’t buy it… you’ll just want to feel the beauty of it. If the lustful leatherwork isn’t for you then pick up a hand-woven blanket or some Creole style crafts.


Saturday lunch at – Casa Luz. This is the place to grab your guilt free afternoon cocktail (or pisco sour if you do it the Chilean way). The lunch will set you up for the rest of the day serving freshly caught local fish. If your not so hungry it’s worth popping in for a coffee to enjoy the dreamlike ambiance.


While you’re here don’t forget to check out awesome rooftop restaurants, a jazz bar or drink Santiago’s BEST hot chocolate… oh YES !