Barrio Bustamante

Welcome to Santiago, strayed Amigo! Maybe you don’t have so much time here? It would be unfortunate if you spent most of your time in the WRONG Barrios. We give you a blog series of the lowdown of what to do in each Barrio (neighbourhood). Offering our local knowledge and giving our top recommendations so you know what to expect and where to go.



Parque Bustamante Santiago-chile

This neighborhood is a series of cafes and restaurants and has grown throughout Parque Bustamante. The park extends from Plaza Italia in the north until Avenida Matta a couple blocks down towards the south. We will focus on the first 5 blocks, but if you’re feeling super adventurous you can take a bike all the way down to Barrio Italia, only two more Metro stations towards the south.


Edificio Telefónica – located on the side of the boisterous Plaza Italia, for some decades it was the tallest building of Santiago, even though nobody would even imagine it now that it cannot compare to the enormous and omnipresent Costanera Center. In its first floor you will find the Cultural Center which is always dedicated to bringing excellent, international expositions for free.


Cafe Literario Parque Bustamante – walking towards the south, you will see this building located in the middle of the park where apart from books and magazines you can read in a quiet study room. This cafe also has free Wi-Fi and is conveniently quiet if you need to take a couple of minutes to recharge your energy.


Original Green Roasters – the owners of this café lived in Australia and they returned to Chile enthused by the recreation of the fanaticism that exists in Australia to have a good cup of coffee. In order to achieve the vibe, they imported grains from Guatemala which later become toasted and served here in Chile in many different forms. To eat, apart from sandwiches and sweets, they offer breakfast, lunch, and pastas.


Heladería Crocanti Ice Cream + Pizzas – This place specializes in artisan ice creams that you can enjoy in the restaurant or enjoy while you catch some shade underneath a tree in the park. Its highlight comes in the variety of their ice cream flavors like: red wine pears, lemon-lime, orange carrot, coconut, chocolate chip and walnut, manjar with layers of mille feuille or milky flan. When winter creeps up on us Santiaguinos and ice cream becomes less popular, they begin to sell delicious artisan XL pizzas with cheese-filled crusts.


Junta Nacional – bar or restaurant, you choose if you want to go to the bar, eat dinner, or do both. Dedicated to preserving Chilean flavors, here you will be able to try some of the enormous sandwiches with homemade mayonnaise, a Chilean delicacy. You can also try a traditional sampler like Patitas de Chancho which will go great with any drink, cocktail, or a good Chilean wine.