Barrio Bellavista

Welcome to Santiago, strayed Amigo! Maybe you don’t have so much time here? It would be unfortunate if you spent most of your time in the WRONG Barrios. We give you a blog series of the lowdown of what to do in each Barrio (neighbourhood). Offering our local knowledge and giving our top recommendations so you know what to expect and where to go.



Barrio Bellavista

If you’re in Santiago and haven’t heard of Barrio Bellavista yet… WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Famous for its grungy architecture, edgy street art and where poet Pablo Neruda had his home in Santiago. The colonial Santiago spread through the Mapocho river east bank and everything that was located on the other side of the river was considered rural and poor. But what also came with this label was the artists, writers and musicians. The Barrio remains a reflection of its rustic past with a feeling of artistic refuge. It has become famous amongst tourists (being in possession of many outdoor bars, the Cerro San Cristobal and the city zoo). With some local knowledge you can find some places less explored by visitors for a true local experience.


Discover Pablo Neruda at Casa Museo La ChasconaOk ok I admit this maybe a bit of a tourist hotspot. But so is Anne Frank’s house, some of these things you just gotta CHECK OUT ! Discover this boat shaped house where Pablos poems came to life and see how the man himself lived. Also a cultural hotspot showcasing an array of Theatre.


Dance at MAMBA – Not your generic night-club where people drink so much they don’t know if they are chatting up a bar seat or a girl. Mamba is a cross between a cool house party and a nightclub with psychedelic lighting and graphics. You will never be disappointed by the quality of music here often playing electro accompanied by a brass instrument.


For the adventurous check out Dionisio Bar for a transexual show. A hit amongst locals in Santiago, and not only those in the gay scene. All you need to have to enjoy this show is an open mind. A vulgar spanish comedy that interacts with the audience. Note: don’t go here if you’re not confident with your spanish or hate feeling uncomfortable.


Eat: Want a trip to food paradise? try a visit to famous Peumayen ancestral food restaurant, were Chilean cuisine is taken to another level of flavor and perfection. If you want to try a less pricy nice Chilean dinner, Eladio and El Caramaño are excellent options. Some blocks away from there you can finish the night at Sarita Colonia where you will try cocktails that will blow your mind.