Santiago City Amigo: Wicked Campers

Bored of travelling by bus or plane everywhere you go, ready for an adventure of your very own without limits or other passengers. Wicked Campers is a company that rents out brightly painted camper vans for up to travelers wanting to have a unique experience driving in Chile.

“Can’t recommend the experience highly enough. Get on it!!!”
– Tripadvisor

With a range of vans to suit every shade of traveller, you’ll be so busy taking pictures of the van that you forget all about the beautiful scenery you’re meant to be looking at. The typical Wicked Camper customer is independent, excitable, adventurous and most importantly not afraid to rough-it. This is not a 4* hotel holiday where you are ferried to and from your excursions in an air conditioned BMW in between dips in the pool. This is a raw, nitty-gritty create-your-own Chilean experience, no wake up calls, no curfews just you, a couple of mates and the great open road and boy is it worth it.

Wicked Campers does van rentals from 4 different locations in Chile: Santiago, San Pedro de Atacama, Punta Arenas and Puerto Varas. You can choose to take and return the van to the same location or even go from one to the other and leave the van at your final destination. There’s really no downside.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Pick ups from –
SANTIAGO: Franklin 300, Santiago, Región Metropolitana
SAN PEDRO DE ATACAMA: Laskar, San Pedro de Atacama
PUERTO VARAS: Pre Arranged Meeting Point
PUNTA ARENAS: Pre Arranged Meeting Point

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