Santiago City Amigo: Vinolia

Attention all adventure-seekers!

Got all your essentials at the ready? Passport – Check, Map – Check, Wine – wait a second…Wine???

You may right now be feeling pretty confused, well let me fix that for you. At Vinolia, you don’t even need to leave the room to go on the adventure of a lifetime. Vinolia is a wine-tasting house in one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods of Santiago, Alonso de Córdova. It boasts four wildly different adventures focusing on 2 famous Chilean wine districts meaning that you won’t leave without having experienced the BEST of the best and afterall why else did you come to Chile if not to drink wine?

One of the wineries that you will sample from is called Casablanca and is situated at the base of the Andes mountain range (If you are interested in taking a bike up and seeing it in person talk to one of our staff here at La Bicicleta Verde).

“Unmatchable wine tasting experience” – Tripadvisor

You will begin your adventure in a room that is designed especially to make you feel as if you are in a vineyard. A clever combination of up to 50 aromas, sounds and beautiful images that can only be compared to a 4DX cinema where the seats move and you think you are part of the film. Only difference is you can actually drink the wine rather than just watching an actor drink on screen (much better in my opinion), during the screening, you will be trying up to 5 high quality wines accompanied by a selection of cheese and dried fruit (the dream) and  guided by the winemaker themselves revealing little know secrets that make their wine special, although it will not be detailed enough for you to reproduce the wine once you get home… leave it to the experts you crazy cat.

At the end of the tour don’t rush home to ‘educate’ your less cultured friends with your new vocabulary on how to describe wine because you won’t want to miss out on free-access to the Emporium and Wine bar. The Emporium houses only wines of the highest quality, -no own brand stuff here. Added bonus you can also purchase gifts, for those less cultured friends we talked about, in the form of accessories, specialised books on wine and other gourmet products.

Feeling thirsty yet? Head down to Alonso de Monroy 2869, Local 5, Vitacura, Santiago…We dare you not to love it!

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