Alice’s First Days In Wonder-Green-Land

Alice’s first weeks in Chile


So a little about myself..

Hi everyone!! Basically, I’m Alice a French intern studying in a Business School in Lyon. My internship is 4 months (April to July) with 1 month of traveling before going back. I almost forgot to give you an important detail, my Spanish is not really good. So, you might think “How can she do an internship in Santiago without knowing the language people use there?” Well ! I can say that EVERYTHING can be managed if you really wish! 😉

Why Chile?

I had friends and family members which came to Santiago and really loved the city and the country. Then I really needed to improve my Spanish, as you might know, French people are everywhere on this Earth and you definitely can’t learn Spanish in Spain. Too much foreigners and French ones means that you tend to use the language you are comfortable with.

Finally, I chose Santiago because not many people speak English here and you have many things to do/see in the city and nearby. Also, the country has different weather conditions as it is long (4 300 kilometers) – at the top you will find a desert, at the bottom there are glaciers.

This just to give you an overview of how different  the nature in Chile can be:


La Bicicleta Verde – Wonder Land

To introduce you more to my internship, La Bicicleta Verde is part of a company which include 3 brands in total.

  • La Bicicleta Verde (Bike and bike & wine tours in Santiago).
  • Tours4Tips (free walking tours in Santiago, Valparaiso and Vina del Mar).
  • Chile Guru (travel agency for Santiago, Easter Island, Atacama, Antarctica, and Patagonia).

Then, to be more specific, my internship is more with La Bicicleta Verde and Tours4Tips than Chile Guru.

Let’s see what we do during our first week at La Bicicleta Verde.

To be more comfortable with tours that the agency is providing to customers, I had the chance to participate in all tours such as :

Although all of them are really interesting to take, the one I prefered the most was the biking tour Santiago Highlights City Bike tour with Alonso. We went to different places such as :

  • Parque Forestal
  • Parque Bustamente
  • GAM
  • Palacio de la Moneda

Furthermore, the 2 best places I went with the tours were El Palacio de la Moneda en El Cementario General. These places are breathtaking. La Moneda is an important place for the city and country (you will discover it why and how by yourself ;)).

Finally – El Cementario – it was the first time I went to a cementario as a tourist. It’s also interesting to see how people think about death and how they live with it.

Moreover, I learned how the company is organized, what the main values of the company are and what type of customers we have.


What I love ?

  • Completos and empanadas.

  • The view on the Andes. Even if the city is really polluted, you can see the Andes from everywhere.
  • La Vega and Mercado Central. This place is the best place to go to get your fresh groceries.
  • The easy way to find accommodation. There are many websites where you can find accommodation online. It’s better to come and visit it before giving any deposit. My advice is to arrive in an Airbnb for a week until you find a great place to stay.
  • PeoplePeople are very friendly even if you completely don’t speak Spanish, people will tend to help you. But remember, warn them before saying anything, it’s better. 😉