Alessia’s first weeks at LBV!

Hi there,

My name is Alessia and I arrived here in Santiago two weeks ago to start my internship at La Bicicleta Verde. First of all, I want to tell you a bit about myself: I am originally from Italy but I have spent the last couple of years living in Scotland since I started my BA degree in International Tourism Management there. Travelling is the thing that I love the most. I travelled across Europe, Australia, South East Asia, North America and of course when I got offered the chance to come to Chile as part of my degree, I couldn’t say no. I fell in love with Santiago from the very first second. I remember being in the taxi from the airport to my hostel, looking at the colourful streets of Bellavista from the window of the car and thinking “I couldn’t ask for a better place to do my internship”.


Coming from abroad, there are three things that you can’t help to notice in Santiago:
  • The friendliness of the people. Especially if you are from Europe, you will notice straight away that Chilean are just the most friendly and helpful people on the planet. It doesn’t matter if you are in a store or in the street or if you speak Spanish or not, if you need help for anything, Chilean people will be more than glad to help you out.
  • Stray dogs. There are a huge number of street dogs (quiltros) in the street and they are the most chilled dogs ever. You will see them the sleeping in the park or wandering around in search for food or a pat, but they will never bother you. Plus, they are incredibly smart and you will see them patiently waiting for the green light before crossing the street. Mind blowing!
  • Courting couples in the parks. When you take a stroll around any park you will inevitably notice many couples laying on the grass and kissing. I have actually found out that there is a reason behind it: most of the Chilean live with their parents up to the age of 29 so they simply do not have a better place to go if they want to be romantic :D.


Having said that, I want to talk a little bit about my time here at LBV.  The first weeks have been quite overwhelming because there are lots of people that you need to meet and many trainings that you have to do. On the other hand, I loved the fact that we were assigned small tasks to do from the very first day, because to me it is a sign that we are not here just to execute or take orders, but rather to learn, propose new ideas and be taken into consideration. One other aspect that I love about my internship is the people that work here and in general the good vibes of the company. I have colleagues from France, Germany, Finland, Chile, Venezuela etc and to me this is just fantastic. I am sure that I will learn a lot during the next 6 months, and I will develop both my professional and personal skills. I am super excited about being here and I’ll try my best to make the most out of this internship!