Activities For Valparaiso Chile

What to do in Valparaíso in a Day!

If you already took the city walking tour with Wally at Tours4Tips Valparaiso, you probably already know there are many fantastic (and cheap) ways to enjoy this Port town. This are at least five great things you must do before you leave Valparaíso.

La Sebastiana

Pablo Neruda was a lover, and he loved Valparaiso more than any other city. The audio-guided tour has some of the best views of the bay and the neighboring cerro hills. Walk through Cerro Bellavista’s Open Air Museum and arrive to the poets home that seems to be “floating in the air, yet anchored to the ground.”

Lancha Tour

Valparaiso Chile’s natural amphitheater of hills is beautiful when viewed from the sea. Converted fishing boats will provide you with a pleasant 45 minute sail around the harbor and  for only 3,000 clp it is the best deal in town. Make sure to wait for the boat to be nearly full as the captain embarks when the vessel is full! Find this boat tour down at Muelle Prat (which happens to be the 1st stop on the Wally city tour).

Ride the Rollercoaster “O” Bus

The 612 or “O” bus is the craziest ride in the city. Speeding through the hills, it is the fastest and perhaps scariest way to see a broad swath of Valparaiso. Take it either from Av. Argentina (close to the street market, and Cerro Polanco graffiti hill) and it will take you through the hills past La Sebastiana and to the top of Cerro Allegre/Cerro Concepcion at Plazuela San Luis, and if you want, continue on all the way down the hills to Plaza Echaurren. You can start from Plaza Echaurren as well for this roller coaster ride. This is public transportation in its most extreme form.

Flea / Farmer’s Market

Porteños (Valparaiso residents) love to re-use, recycle and re-sell. On Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, stroll down Av. Argentina for lots of useless antiques at the flea-market. On Wednesday and Saturday, the same street has a fantastic farmer’s market. The agricultural bounty of the region is on display with high-stacked fruits and vegetables for sale into the evening hours.

Cerro Polanco Graffiti Barrio

Cerro Polanco, Valparaiso’s newly crowned street art hill sports more than 40 facades painted by street-artists from all over the world. Ride the ascensor up, the only vertical urban elevator in town to an observation tower with great views of the city. From there walk down the shoddy cobblestone streets to discover the ramshackle houses converted into proverbial canvas’. One of Valparaiso’s hidden gems, and a must for all those who love street art.