Valparaiso City Tours

A city tour of Valparaiso cannot be missed. This UNESCO world heritage site in Chile is full of windy alleys, steep staircases and some of Chile’s best graffiti. Valparaiso is a city where getting lost is a rite of passage making it ideal for a City Tour. The Tours 4 Tips free walking tours are the perfect city tour for visitors of all ages to explore the history, culture, art and idiosyncrasies of Chile’s most beautiful port city.

The Valparaiso city tour leaves from Plaza Sotomayor in Valparaiso’s port every single day of the year at 10 am and 3pm. The professional guides will take the walking tour through the port area, Cerro Alegre, Cerro Concepcion ending the city tour in Cerro Bellavista. The city tour utilizes local transportation like the hill scaling funiculars and the historic and beautiful trolley busses.

Tours 4 Tips Valparaiso Chile city tour will take you to the hidden gems of the city. The light and informative three hour walking tour will leave any visitor to Valparaiso enamored with its historic charm and historical significance. If you are looking for a more personalized custom private tour, La Bicicleta Verde offers specialized routes through Valparaiso with private transportation options from Santiago.