5 ways to save money in San Pedro de Atacama

As a touristic spot, this little desertic town can seem expensive so here are some tips to get your money in the right places.


1.- Take a walk around the town to discover its hidden gems. Museo del Meteorito, the Church of San Pedro and its narrow streets are the landmarks that you can visit at a low cost and get lots of facts about the local history and culture.

2.- Hit the local bar vibe in Chelacabur, the cheapest beers in town and one of the few locations you don’t have to buy food to get your drinks, they do have an agreement with a pizza place in case you are hungry.

3.- Rent a bike, if you planned it well, you can save a few bucks. If you visit Moon Valley do it the morning to get the place almost empty so you can as explore at your will all the treks and spots.

4.- Go to the markets. Even though sounds crazy, being in the desert and all, If your hostal has an ok kitchen visit the fruits and veggie markets to make your own meals, there’s even a few spots selling a bag of salad for 500CLP. You’ll find tea, coffee, beans and everything you need to make your tummy happy for a small price. Ask your Wally in the morning tour to get the scoop.

5.- Pay in cash, as you get to the tour agencies, can seem impossible to remember all of them and what was offer in them. Trust your traveling instinct, tripadvisor and friends recommendations. Most of them give you a good discount if you pay in cash and hired more than one tour. with them.

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