5 things off the regular path in San Pedro

San Pedro de Atacama is the most visited destination in Chile. Between the grand Mountains of the Cordillera and the ancient history of the area is a major attraction for all type of tourist. It can get crazy busy and crowded so for those who are looking to get away the regular path, this post is for you.


1.- Bike around, get on wheels and you can get lots of spots at your own pace, recommended spots are Valle de Catarpe, 5km away from town has salt formations, green areas for animals, water creeks and awesome view points for pics.

2.- Explore and more with a Wicked Campers, rent it, visit the parks and camp with the stars. As you can choose your driving schedule allows you to skip the massive hours to have a more one on one experience with the nature.

3.- One of the hidden gems is the regular tours is Rainbow Valley. Has lots of history with the petroglyphs of llamas, foxes and more that reveal the pass of the Atacameños.  Also some interesting geological spots, the erosion of the water with the different minerals gave the area a unique colorful landscaping. Ask in Turistour for prices and schedules.

4.- A cultural oasis in the middle of this dry desert is La Libreria del desierto. You can dive in the books about local history, legends, astronomy, poems and all sorts of topics. Books are not the only attraction as the location and set up makes a unique bookstore.

5.- Go back in time and visit Aldea de Tulor, an Atacameñian settle discover in the 80’s, with more than 2500 years of history. Park administration gives you a tour and all explanations about what was found there and the importance for the development of the culture.